3...2...1... Lift off!

Voodoo is a brand new meme token exclusively developed on PulseChain. Moving your money from point A to point B has never been so fast and cheap, thanks to the PulseChain blockchain.

About Us

Voodoo's DeFi stake-and-reward ecosystem is ready to skyrocket on Pulsechain. Here's why it's a game changer: The deflationary magic reward token burns 2% with every transaction, reducing the token supply and driving up its future value. But that's not all! The poison reward token, applying a 1% fee to transactions and instantly distributing it among all holders, what makes it a dual yield generation token. The best part is that you can stake / lock up your Voodoo tokens and earn up to 30% APY as reward for keeping the network safe.



Liquidity Pools -30%

Voodoo will have 30% of its supply divided into different liquidity pools, ensuring easy trading and stability. It's a reliable backup fund for seamless transactions.

Marketing & Buyback -15%

To drive adoption and long-term success, we use 15% for marketing & buybacks to drive new holders to Voodoo token and increase its price.

Burn Events -5%

To make Voodoo Token a good store of value, we remove 5% from the circulation to increase scarcity in the max supply. This will boost the price in the long term.

Holders Redistribution -50%

50% of the total supply is reserved for holders redistribution to reward DeFi users (Staking/Farming) and support short and long-term holders.



Our Address

Meijhorst 6111 6537LH Nijmegen, Holland

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+316 8451 7209

  • Is Voodoo Token a scam or a Ponzi scheme?

    No, Voodoo Token is a digital currency that uses Pulsechain technology for secure transactions. Although there have been scams on the pulsechain blockchain, the technology itself is not a scam.

  • Is Voodoo Token illegal or unregulated?

    No, in many countries, it's okay to use and own cryptocurrency. Some places have rules, but most don't. A few countries even have special guidelines for how to use cryptocurrencies.

  • Can Voodoo Token be hacked or stolen?

    Voodoo Token hasn't been hacked, but some wallets and exchanges have. Use safe wallets, strong passwords, and two-factor authentication to protect your crypto.

  • Is Voodoo Token a bubble that will eventually burst?

    Predicting the future of assets, including Voodoo Token, is impossible. Views vary—some think it's a bubble, while others see potential growth. Remember, all investments involve risk.

  • Is Voodoo Token a safe store of value with its swings?

    Voodoo Token has shown past volatility, yet generally trends upward. Views differ—some find its volatility risky for storing value, while others see profit potential. Remember, all investments involve risk.